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Catálogo de Peças  Ford 1928/1938
      Autos e Caminhões

                    em PORTUGUÊS !!!

Catálogo de peças
                  em PORTUGUES

Este Catálogo contém todas
as peças com a  numeração
correspondente, do seu

    "Fordinho 29"

 (FORD Modelo"A")
Contém as peças para todos os veículos automóveis e utilitários e
caminhões fabricados pela Ford no período de 1928 a 1938, inclusive
para o Ford 29, como ficou chamado no Brasil, mas que o certo é FORD

Editado em 1938, quando a Ford Motor Co. Exports. Inc. ainda tinha sede
na Rua Solon, nº 809 - Caixa Postal 2K, no Bom Retiro, São Paulo. Ótimo
para identificar as peças, através dos números que se encontram
estampados, fundidos e forjados nas mesmas. Importante para distinguir
se uma PEÇA É ORIGINAL. É essencial para manter seu Ford no estado
original e adquirir peças de reposição. Indica o nº de cada peça dos
veículos 4 cil. Ford 1928 a 1938, 8 cil. de 1932 a 1938. Contém
ilustrações mostrando as peças na sua ordem de montagem de CADA

É o Catálogo que os agentes Ford usavam para fazer seus pedidos
de peças direto para a Ford. Tem TABELA PARA IDENTIFICAÇÃO DOS
MODELOS dos veículos, através de letra e nº e também para identificar
as carrocerias Ford de 1928 a 1938, por ex: Phaeton, Cupê, Conversível,
pickup, etc . É um Catálogo indispensável para quem tem veículos de
passeio e caminhões. Tamanho: 28 x 22 cm, 329 págs e muitas
ilustrações !

cód. F - 001 ... R$ 150,83             


                     M  U  S  T  A  N  G

M U S T A N G / 1964 - 1973

Introduced in April 1964, the Ford Mustang was a masterpiece of design, performance, and marketing. Thanks largely to its sporty lines, a lack of competition from GM and Chrysler,and a list of options that could be tailored
to everyone from street racers to little old ladies, the Mustang is credited
with pioneering the "pony car" concept.

The period covered in this colorful photohistory represents the most collectible Mustang model years, and top automotive journalist Mike Mueller examines all the hardtops, convertibles, and fastbacks of the era, along with the phenomenal sales Mustang posted in its extended first year, the design changes and special performance editions of the 1960s, associations with race legends like Carroll Shelby, the role Lee Iacocca played in the cars introduction, and the marketing tactics that helped make the Mustang an American classic.

The authors brilliant modern color photographs of factory original cars are accompanied by nostalgic period sales literature and behind-the-scenes black-and-white photography repicting Mustang development.  56 pages,
150 color 

cód. MB-145   ...   R$ 176,00     


Author: Randy Leffingwell
When Ford wanted to add some spice to its new Mustang pony car in the
mid-1960s, it turned to talented, colorful, and opinionated Texan Carroll
Shelby, who was then building high-performance racing sports cars
(Cobras) using a British body and a Ford engine. The resulting Shelby
Mustangs proved to be the definitive performance Mustangs of the
muscle car era.
Ford has recently released a new Mustang, the first truly all-new Mustang
since 1979, returning the model to the spotlight. The most-talked-about
and anticipated version of the new Mustang is the Shelby Cobra GT500,
which Ford will bring to market in 2006. Shelby himself was involved in the
development of what will be the most powerful factory-produced Mustang
This rich new history from award-winning authors Randy Leffingwell and
David Newhardt traces the Shelby Mustang story from the early Shelby
America cars built in a converted airplane hangar in Southern California
to the 2006 version of the new Mustang.  Pages: 192

cód. MB -147   ...   R$ 176,00              


Mustang  1979 - 2004 / Manual  do  comprador 

Author: Brad Bowling
1979-2004 Mustangs are some of the most popular and affordable performance cars available. With a huge aftermarket supplying everything from body panels to crate engines to suspension and handling mods, a motivated enthusiast can easily create the street machine of their dreams.

On the other, those less mechanically inclined can simply enjoy a fun stocker. The 1979 to 1993 Fox-platform Mustangs and their contemporary counterparts, the 1994-2001 Mustangs, are widely available, relatively inexpensive, and easy to work on. Mustang Buyers Guide 1979-2004 will help you sort out the myriad diffenences over the past 25 years and ensure you buy the best car possible.Pages: 240 / 200 color

cód. MB-159   ...   R$ 131,00                        


 Mustang  -  The  5.0L 


      1973 - 1995


The 5.0L Mustang Bolt-On Performance Guide    
Covering the most numerous Mustangs on the streets today (1973-1995), 5.0L MUSTANG BOLT-ON PERFORMANCE GUIDE provides the Ford enthusiast with a comprehensive catalog of bolt-on performance parts designed to improve the already potent Mustang.

Author Smith, a Ford collector himself, provides the reader with details on induction and exhaust systems, transmissions, driveline and suspension modifications, electronic modifications, and a reference/resource section where the reader can obtain additional information or purchase components.
Pages: 128

cód. MB-170 ... R$ 108,30


Building  High - Performance  Fox  Mustangs

Building High-Performance Fox Mustangs on a Budget     
Author: George Reid

When Ford introduced the new 1979 Mustangs on what is known as the Fox platform, it sparked a new revolution in automotive modification and performance. Hailed as the sports car for the masses”, the Mustang GT soon became one of the most modified cars Ford has ever produced. The Mustang’s low entry price, followed by the storm of available aftermarket parts, has made the Fox-bodied Mustang (1979-1995) the most desirable and modified car on the market in the last 20 years.

How To Build Max Performance Fox Mustangs on a Budget is an essential book for anyone who wants to modify this affordable and popular sports car, covering everything from planning your project, engine modification and performance, transmission and driveline upgrades, to suspension performance modification and body modification. Pages: 224

cód. MB-171   ...   R$ 103,17


Mustang  5.0  and  4.6,  1979 - 1998 

In 1979, Ford introduced its Fox chassised Mustang, and has since gone on to become one of the most popular Mustangs ever built. Here Matt Stone relates the history of the Mustang 5.0- and 4.6-liter cars from 1979 to 1998, including the first Fox-bodied cars, the birth of the GT, the sleeper LXs, and the wild SVT Cobras. An in-depth text discusses technical aspects, design evolution, company history, racing, and important designers, engineers, and racers associated with this popular series. Pages: 128, 80 color

cód. MB-160   ...   R$ 127,00                       

Ford F-100/F-150 Pickup 1953-1996:America's Best-selling Truck     
Author: Robert Ackerson

This book examines the most popular pickup truck of all time, the Ford F-150, and its predecessor, the F-100. It provides readers with hundreds of illustrations, many in color, of the F-series pickups. In addition, there are chapters on restoring the first F-1 pickup of 1948 and the original F-100 of 1953. Covered are all Ford F-100 and F-150 models from 1953 through the 1996 model year. In addition, the book examines the first F-1 pickup of 1948.
Format: Softbound / Pages: 160 

cód. MB-186   ...   R$ 139,27