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Holley Carburetors    
Author: D EMANUEL Subtitled: Super Tuning & Modifying Holley Carburetors. Learn how to select, install, tune and modify all popular Holley performance carburetors. This information-packed guide provides a detailed view of basic carburetor functioning, modifying for performance applications, custom-tuning for street, racing, off-road, turbocharging, economy, and other special uses. 144 pages, 300+ b&w ill.  

cód. MB-179   ...   R$ 104,00

How to Rebuild and Modify Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors    
Author: Cliff Ruggles
The Rochester Quadrajet carburetor was found perched atop the engine of many a classic GM performance vehicle. The Q-Jet is a very capable but often misunderstood carb. This book, How to Rebuild and Modify Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors, seeks to lift the veil of mystery surrounding the Q-Jet and show owners how to tune and modify their carbs for maximum performance. The book will be a complete guide to selecting, rebuilding, and modifying the Q-Jet, aimed at both muscle car restorers and racers. The book includes a history of the Q-Jet, an explanation of how the carb works, a guide to selecting and finding the right carb, instructions on how to rebuild the carb, and extensive descriptions of high-performance modifications that will help anyone with a Q-Jet carb crush the competition. Pages: 128

cód. MB-181   ...  R$ 136,00

The Ford carburetor, repairing and restoring the  model T Ford . 48 pages. A comprehensive guide for the repair and restoration of the Model T Ford carburetor, includes many photos and illustrations, also details the changes in the Model T carburetors from year to year. Prepared and edited by the Model T Ford Club of America. 

Nossa tradução:

Um guia compreensivo para reparação e restauração do carburador do Ford Modelo T, inclusive muitas fotos e ilustrações, detalhes também  das mudanças nos carburadores de ano para ano. Preparado e editado pelo "Model T Ford Club of America". 48 págs.

cód. LG - 207 - RM2  ...  R$

Author: J SCHILD

The most complete, accurate, well-illustrated restoration
and maintenance guide available.
Contains step-by-step procedures on everything from
tinkering to frame-up restorations. Details on original
and reproduction parts, special fixes and problem
areas. Essential to every Model A tool box.  
224 pages, 200 ilustradas.

cód. MB-94   ...   R$ 152,00          


All the dimensions, technical data
and operational hints necessary
to accompany a restoration from
the ground up.

Many facts and figures, much of it
from rare 1928-31 Dealer Service
Bulletins. 218 pages / illustrated.

cód. MB-100   ...   R$ 112,00

        Antique Ford Repaint Manual:
           A Repaint Manual for Ford 
             Automobiles 1928-1936
      Gives 48 authentic color paint
       chips and color schemes of Fords
       28-36. Also tells you how to prepare
       for and apply paint for a topnotch job.
       38 pgs., 75 b&w ilustr.

       cód. MB-148   ...   R$ 132,00      

                   R E P A I R


              T U N E - U P    G U I D E

Chilton Ford Pickups 1965-86 Shop Manual  
Author: Chilton's

Chilton's original line of model-specific information covers older vehicles.
Each manual offers repair and tune-up guidance designed for the weekend
for the weekend mechanic, covering basic maintenance and troubleshooting.
For the hobbyist or used car owner, this information is essential and
unavailable elsewhere. Pages: 409
cód. MB-184   ...   R$ 104,00

Model T Ford Service Manual - 320 page 577 illustrations.
Contains information and step-by-step instructions on mechanical repair and
maintenance for all T's. This book is a must for any Model T restorer. It is sometimes referred to as the Model T man's "Bible" and is the most popular book for beginners.

Nossa tradução:

Contem informações e instruções passo-a-passo da reparação mecânica e manutenção de todos Fords "T". Este livro essencial para restaurar qualquer Modelo T.
Foi referido algumas vezes como a "Bíblia" dos homens do Modelo T e é o livro mais popular para  principiantes. 320 pág.  577 ilustrações !

cód. LG - 205-T1  ...  R$ 102,00 

             The Electrical System


               and Restoring

              the Model T Ford
A comprehensive guide for the repair and restoration of the major components of the Model T Ford electrical system. Many photos and illustrations, detailed info. on the generator, starter, magneto, wiring, coils, and timer. Prepared and edited by the staff and members of the Model T Ford Club of America. 48 pages.

Nossa tradução:

Um guia compreensivo para reparação e restauração dos componentes principais do sistema elétrico do Ford Modelo "T". Muitas fotos e ilustrações, informações detalhadas do gerador, motor de arranque, magneto, instalação elétrica, bobinas e platinado. Preparado e editado pelos assistentes e membros do "Model T Ford Club of America". 48 págs.

cód. LG - 206 - RM1  ...  R$