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      1200 . 1300 . 1500 . 1600 


        TYPE 14 . TYPE 34
Author: RM Clarke
The Volkswagen Karmann Ghia represents one of those unique collaborations between three companies in two different countries: the Volkswagenwerke in Wolfsburg, Germany and Wilhelm Karmann in Osnabruck, Germany, and the Ghia coachworks in Turin, Italy. It also represents the efforts of four men who have all gone down in automobile history for their achievements: Heinrich Nordhoff at VW, Wilhelm Karmann at Karmann, Mario Boano and Luigi Segre at Ghia. From the moment the pretty coupe walked onto the worlds stage it went straight into the motoring Hall of Fame.

Interestingly, where most coupes of the time had some pretense towards being sporting, generally with a mildly hotted up engine, the Karmann Ghia was simply stock VW Beetle from the mechanical point of view. In other words, it was still a 72-75mph car, it just looked great doing it! And that is why owners loved it. By 1961 VW introduced the Karmann 1500 based on the Type 3 platform to supplement the original. It was nowhere near as successful and was withdrawn from production in 1969, long before its older and more famous sibling. There is a strong and enthusiastic following for the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia coupe all around the world, a movement that seems to grow each year.  Pages: 160   

cód. MB-194   ...   R$ 180,00


Author: John Gunnell - Contains over 180 listings with information on standard equipment, interior, chassis. ID numbers, and options- Over 180 full-color photos detail each model as well as original Volkswagen advertisements- Includes coverage of popular models like the Beetle and Golf, as well as lesser-known models like the Thing and the Fox - Pages: 224

cód. MB-202   ...   R$ 136,00

                    GUIA DO PROPRIETÁRIO

                       1948  a  1997  Boxster

               inclui:  959, 968, 911  e  outros
Illustrated Porsche Buyer's Guide     
This classic guide has been completely revised and updated by Randy Leffingwell. This updated 4th edition is filled with Porsche models from 1948 through the new 1997 Boxster, including the 959, 968, the newest 911s, and several others, plus remaining third edition material on the 356, the early 911s, 914s, 928s, 924s and 944s. 4th ed. / 192 pages, 200 b&w ill. 

Nossa tradução:

Este guia clássico foi completamente revisado e atualizado por Randy Leffingwell. Esta edição atualizada contem os modelos de Porsche de 1948 até novo Boxster 1997, inclusive os 959, 968, os 911s mais novos e diversos outros, e ainda o restante da terceira edição dos 356, e os próximos 911, 914, 928, 924 e 944.
4ª edição / 200 ilustrações / 192 págs.

cód. MB - 217   ...   R$ 11,00




             PORSCHE  BOXSTER

Author: Gavin Farmer Gavin Farmer.
Launched on a welcoming public in 1995, the mid-engined two-seater Boxster was the affordable real Porsche that so many had been waiting for. Developed by Porsche in response to a show-stealing Audi concept car in the mid-nineties, the Boxster drew heavily on Porsche design heritage. This made it a strong contender in terms of style to its German rivals. The Boxster sold well from its launch, and it remains one of the most popular cars in its category today. Gavin Farmers history of the car looks at the genesis and development in all its versions. It examines Porsche tuners and modification kits, and offers advice on buying and running a Boxster.
200 color, Pages: 200

cód. MB - 218   ...   R$ 176,00

cód. MC-86  ...  R$ 72,00              

Completely details everything you need to know to select, install and tune the worlds legendary performance carburetor. Includes information for foreign and American engines. Covers all sidedraft and downdraft carbs, Weber design and theory, choosing the right model for your engine, synchronizing multi-carbs, troubleshooting and repair.  375 ill. Format: Softbound / Pages: 176

cód. MB-182   ...   R$ 109,00


cód. MC-87   ...   R$ 66,00         






Holley Carburetor Handbook 4150 & 4160 
Author: Mike Urich
Covers Fuel-Inlet System; Idle System; Main metering System; Power System; Accelerator-Pump System; Choke System; Specific Models; Fuel Economy; Carburetor Selection; Carburetor Removal & Installation; Metering
Blocks; Repair & Adjustment. Pub. 1980.  117 ill. Format: Softbound /
Pages: 80

cód. MB-180   ...   R$ 71,00




      Honda Civic  -  1996 / 2000

      Honda  CR-V  -  1997 / 2001

      Acura Integra - 1994 / 2000 

This service, repair & maintenance manual covers Honda Civic 1996-2000,
Honda CR-V 1997-2001, and Acura Integra 1994-2000.  Pages: 384

cód. MB-216   ...   R$ 116,00              


All Haynes manuals explain how to carry out routine maintenance, restoration and servicing of cars and motorcycles, and are aimed primarily at the Do-it-yourselfer.

Every manual is based on a teardown and rebuild of the specific vehicle. Hundreds of photographs are taken to accompany the step-by-step instructions written from actual experience. Format: Softbound/Pages: 328 

 Nossa tradução:

Manual de Reparação 1991-1995 do Toyota Previa

Os manuais explicam como realizar a manutenção rotineira, a restauração e prestar serviços de manutenção dos carros e as motocicletas, e são apontados primeiramente no faça você mesmo. Cada manual é baseado em um “teardown” e numa reconstrução do veículo específico. As centenas das fotografias são feitas em exame para acompanhar as instruções passo a passo escritas da experiência real. Formato: Softbound / 328 páginas.

cód. MB-168   ...   R$ 116,00           


Author: R.M. Clarke
Road tests, performance and technical data, racing, historical profiles, previews and more. Youll find over 50 articles reprinted from several leading automotive journals. A wealth of knowledge for the enthusiast and owner.   180 pages, 300 ill. Format: Softbound

cód. MB-137   ...   R$ 166,00                   


Author: R.M. Clarke The same great coverage found in the regular Brooklands books, but with 180+ pages and over 300 photos. More road tests, comparison reports, buying guides, technical data, specs, and long term investment reports.  180 pgs., 300 ill. Format: Softbound / Pages: 172 

cód. MB-176   ...   R$ 180,00


MODELS: 200, 200E, E200, E220, 220E,230E, 260E, 

E280, E300, 300E-24, E320 , 320E

Mercedes W124 4 & 6 Cylpetrol 85-95

Workshop Manual:200, 200e, E200, E220, 220e, 230e, 260e, E280,
280e, E300, 300e, 300e-24, E320, 320e     
Author: R.M. Clarke
Covers models: 200, 200E, E200, E220, 220E, 230E, 260E, E280, 280E,
E300, 300E-24, E320 and 320E. 
b&w illustrations , Format: Softbound / Pages: 292 

cód. MB-271   ...   R$ 192,00         

   Types 11,


   and 15 :


Volkswagen Workshop Manual Types 11, 14 & 15 (Beetle & Karmann Ghia)
 1952-57 Robert Bentley Out of print for nearly 4, this vintage
reprint of original Volkswagen repair information for all Type 1 models sold in
the US and Canada contains over 1,3 figures, illustrations and diagrams. An
invaluable historical record of the procedures for routine maintenance
troubleshooting, repair and rebuilding. 1,3 b&w ill.
Format: Softbound

cód. MB-161   ...   R$ 544,00





Volkswagen Bus     
Author: Richard Copping
Buying a car is an expensive business and mistakes can prove costly financially and in time, effort and stress. Wouldnt it be great if you could take an expert with you? With the aid of this books step-by-step guidance from a marque specialist, you can! Youll discover all you need to know about the car you want to buy. The unique points system will help you to place the cars value in relation to condition while extensive photographs illustrate the problems to look out for. This is an important investment - dont buy a Volkswagen Bus without this books help. Format: Softbound / Pages: 64

cód. MB-196   ...   R$ 109,00


"The Shelby American Original Color Archives 1963-1965 " 
Never-before published, original color photos from author and official Shelby American team photographer Dave Friedman. Friedman was on the scene with camera in hand to capture the entire development and production of Carroll Shelby's legendary Cobra. This detailed history provides coverage of both the street and racing models, including all of the 260, 289 and 427 models. Fascinating first-hand accounts from Shelby and his crew members tell the entire behind-the-scenes story.  16 pages, 5 b&w ill., 15 color. Format: Hardbound 

cód. MB-163   ...   R$ 202,00


 Author: Randy Leffingwell
When Ford wanted to add some spice to its new Mustang pony car in the mid-1960s, it turned to talented, colorful, and opinionated Texan Carroll Shelby, who was then building high-performance racing sports cars (Cobras) using a British body and a Ford engine. The resulting Shelby Mustangs proved to be the definitive performance Mustangs of the muscle car era.

Ford has recently released a new Mustang, the first truly all-new Mustang since 1979, returning the model to the spotlight. The most-talked-about and anticipated version of the new Mustang is the Shelby Cobra GT500, which Ford will bring to market in 2006. Shelby himself was involved in the development of what will be the most powerful factory-produced Mustang ever. This rich new history from award-winning authors Randy Leffingwell and David Newhardt traces the Shelby Mustang story from the early Shelby America cars built in a converted airplane hangar in Southern California to the 2006 version of the new Mustang.Format: Hardbound/Pages: 192 

cód. MB-164   ...   R$ 176,00


Early Ford V-8's (Mercury)
(1932-1948 Passenger Cars & 1932-1947 Pickups)

Esta loja do mercado americano fornece uma linha completa de peças, acessórios e tudo mais para restauração de Ford. Tem mais de 6.300 itens. O catálogo é inteiramente ilustrado e com número das peças, preços, descrições e anos de aplicação.

cód. MC- 273


Muscle Car Milestones    
Author: DAN LYONS Check out the cream of the 60s and 70s muscle car crop. The best of Ford, General Motors, Dodge, Plymouth, and AMC are featured, accompanied by performance specs. Rare cars, one-off production specials and significant, collectible race models are included. Sftbd., 8 1/4" x 9", 96 pgs. 80 color ill. Format: Softbound Pages: 96 Length: 8.25w x 9h



Dodge C-Series Trucks:A Restorer's and Collector's Reference Guide and History  - Author: Don Bunn

This reference guide and history of Dodge C Trucks combines in-depth history with high-quality photos to provide the Dodge C enthusiast with all the information necessary to correctly restore a truck to original condition, or to make a smart purchase. This book covers it all, from the light-duty to the heavy-duty models. Includes charts for standard equipment and dimensions—everything from chassis length to gear ratios and transmission lineups.All very useful information for a proper restoration.Pages: 144

cód. MB-188   ...   R$ 191,00


Author: Steve Warner From the editors of Truckin’ magazine. Pickup trucks are like Harley-Davidson motorcycles: They post impressive sales numbers and virtually every unit sold is personalized or customized by its owner. Yet the custom truck market is under-represented in publishing, which presents a great opportunity for this book by Steve Warner and his fellow editors at Truckin’ magazine. This book provides detailed how-to direction for projects such as: applying custom paint and bodywork; lowering trucks through suspension modifications and body molds; installing and/or modifying aftermarket exhausts; engine performance modifications; installation of in-truck electronics (stereo, TV, etc.); and much more. Readers will find great value in the how-to descriptions and the 250 color photos. 160 pages  

cód. MB-190   ...   R$ 120,00





            DODGE   DURANGO



              2 000 - 2 003

Haynes Dodge Durango and Dakota Pick-Ups Repair Manual     
Haynes offers the best coverage for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and motorcycles on the market today. Each manual contains easy to follow step-by-step instructions linked to hundreds of photographs and illustrations. Included in every manual: troubleshooting section to help identify specific problems; tips that give valuable short cuts to make the job easier and eliminate the need for special tools; notes, cautions and warnings for the home mechanic; color spark plug diagnosis and an easy to use index.  

cód. MB-192   ...   R$ 125,00



          V O L K S W A G E N

         T h e   A i r   C o o l e d       

Author: Richard Copping
Reproducing the spectacular, eminently collectable artwork of VW’s Bernd Reuters and classic photography from the 1960s, the book weaves the story of every Volkswagen model of the period into the contemporary design style. A unique, comprehensive collection, this includes Volkswagen’s sought-after Transporter, the elegant Karmann Ghia, and the often-overlooked VW 1500. Coverage includes all of Volkswagen’s air-cooled models. Pages: 176 

cód. MB-197   ...   R$ 272,00


    International    Heavy   Trucks 
Author: Ron Adams
The success of International's 1950s semi-trucks continued into the 1960s. Many series were carried over from the 1950s, but International now offered more models in each series to make them more versatile. The pictures you see in this book mainly cover the bigger straight trucks and over-the-road and off-highway trucks; the popular trucks like the V series, R series, D-400, DCO-400, CO-4000, and the line of “stars,” to mention a few. As you look at them, enjoy and admire them, as many are long gone. Pages: 128

cód. MB-191    ...   R$ 140,00


American Semi Trucks    
Big rigs from across the country! The favorites of truckers across the US are featured here in fabulous, full color photographs. The giant eighteen-wheelers you see cruising the highways of America - Peterbilt, Kenworth, Western Star, Diamond T, Freightliner, Mack and all the rest. Plus development of the Class 8 rig from the 1920s through today. Also contains make, model and style histories.  Pages: 96 , 78 color.

cód. MB-129   ...   R$ 81,00  

Author: R.M. Clarke
Reprint of a Glenns manual covering repairs
to 180, 190, 200, 219, 220, 230, 250, 300
and 600 models. Includes performance and
mechanical specs, wiring diagrams and
selected Road & Track road tests. Pub. 1966. 
6x 9 1/4, 156 pgs., 100+ b&w ill.
Format: Softbound
Para o reparo do Mercedes-Benz e um guia de ajustes.
Autor: R.M. Clarke
Para reparos manuais de um Glenns a 180, 190, 200, 219, 220, 230, 250, 300 e 600 modelos. Inclui o desempenho e especs., diagramas de fiação e testes mecânicos de estrada & trilha. Publicação. 1966.  156 páginas, b&w 100+. Formato: Softbound

cód. MB-169   ...   R$ 101,00






Author: Haynes, John Harold, and Schauwecker, Tom

Haynes disassembles every subject vehicle and documents every step with thorough instructions and clear photos. Haynes repair manuals are used by the pros, but written for the do-it-yourselfer. Format: Softbound /
Pages: 211  /500 ill. 

cód. MB-177   ...   R$ 125,00


GMC Heavy-Duty Trucks 1927-1987     
Author: James K. Wagner
Focusing on GMCs most fruitful six decades, from 1927 to 1987, this book offers a prologue and epilogue to round out the 100+ year history of GMC trucks and their predecessors Rapid and Reliance, with particular emphasis on the heavy-duty models. In-depth coverage of all models, engine specifications, year-to-year changes, and model-by-model genealogy charts is included, as well as the story of GMs role as a heavy-duty truck maker and the influences of Max Grabowski, William Crapo Durant, and Alfred P. Sloan Jr. An essential book for truck enthusiasts, historians, restorers, and anyone interested in General Motors. Archival photos, many from the National Automotive Historical Collection, show these models in pristine form. 128 pgs 

Nossa tradução:

Focalizando seis décadas, 1927 a 1987, este livro oferece um prólogo e um epílogo acerca da história de mais de 100 anos dos caminhões GMC e dos seus predecessores Rapid e Reliance, com ênfase particular nos modelos  heavy-duty (resistentes). Cobre em profundidade todos os modelos, especificações do motor, mudanças ano a ano, e modelo-por-modelo é incluída, tanto a história do papel da GMs como um fabricante caminhões resistentes, como as influências de Max Grabowski, de William Crapo Durant  e de Alfred P. Sloan Jr.  É um livro essencial para os entusiastas, os historiadores, os restauradores  e a qualquer um interessado no caminhão GM. As fotos de arquivo, muitas da coleção da National Automotive Historical Collection, mostram estes modelos - 128 páginas

cód. MB-204   ...   R$ 140,00