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              DOMICÍLIO !!!


          FORD MODELO "A"
          FORD 1932
          FORD CUPÊ 1932


             Edição 2006

Se você quer adquirir peças no mercado americano e construir o seu tão sonhado HOT ROD, nesta  loja  você  vai encontrar  as  peças. Este Catálogo é muito interessante e útil pois tem muitas ilustrações: carroceria, parte elétrica, portas, assoalho, lataria completa, relógios, e  etc.  E você pode  adquirir pela internet com cartão de crédito . Você vai ter sua máquina personalizada, com a personalidade do dono, e "prá ninguém botar defeito" !

cód. R-040 ... R$ 70,96                          


Author: Bo Bertilsson 
FREE Wallpaper! Genuine photo images from this book

Whether it’s a beefed-up V-8 or a lowered chop-top, a rockabilly ride or restored Model T, hot rods and custom cars drive the speed and style of car culture to a whole new plane. In a book that features some of the most beautiful rods and customs, author and photographer Bo Bertilsson burns
film and rubber visiting events from Las Vegas to Paso Robles, chronicling
the restoration of his own T-bucket, and offering an up-close look at rockabilly cars, including one owned by Jeff Beck. His book—with its vast cast of characters in their 20s and 30s, many embracing the culture right down to
the hairstyles and clothes—offers head-turning testimony to a hot-rod and custom-car revival well underway. Pages: 176

cód. MB-150   ...   R$ 127,00                     



       Desde o MODELO  T

         até o MODELO  A


           HIGH BOYS 

          FAT FENDERED 

This colorful book looks at Ford hot rods, from the early Model T to the A and B models, and includes such custom creations as the High Boys, Deuce Coupes and Fat Fendered Fords. Gingerelli examines the flat four engine and details the major players in the speed shop business in the early years up to the 1960s. Includes a look at the behind-the-scenes decisions Ford made creating such landmark cars at the flathead V-8. Includes quotes from Henry Ford.
80 color. Pages: 96 

cód. MB-136   ...   R$ 76,00                     


A photo-filled celebration of the best traditional hot rods ever to hit the streets - those built in the 1950s and 60s. High-quality photography with exceptionally detailed captions guide you through the classic hot rods of yesteryear - T roadsters; track and high boy roadsters; 1932 and 34 Fords, plus beautifully detailed hot rods from the Oakland Roadster Show and those that ran on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Foreword by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.
128 pages, 120 color.

cód. MB-138   ...   R$ 111,00                      


                 "BUILDING  A  FORD"

     Um  Guia completo para modificar seu FORD
Your Complete Guide to Modifying  Your Ford. Aimed at Australian Ford
owners but applicable to stateside Fords, this book provides plenty of
ideas and articles on how to hop up Ford cars. A GT build-up, performance
Cleveland buildups, and rebuilding a nine -inch differential are some of the
subjects covered. Both new and old Fords are included, including some
great and unique feature cars.

cód. MB-132   ...   R$ 152,00                     


       F L A M E S    2008
Author: Tim Phelps
Flame painting started in the hot rod world more than 50 years ago and is still going strong--arguably stronger than ever. At the heart of the flame painting universe are a handful of innovative artists who have pushed the tradition forward over the l ast half century. In its first year, Flames 2008 features 12 months of high-quality photography of the work of 13 noteworthy flame painters. Format: Calendar - Wall / Pages: 24 

cód. MB-270   ...   R$ 68,00         


Author: JoAnn Bortles 

For custom car builders today, one of the biggest expenses—and a make-or-break features of the build—is the paint job. Now, with the expert help of one of the country’s top custom painters, readers can learn to custom paint their own cars, from design to finishing touches. With the attention to detail and keen sense of style that have made her the most sought-after custom painter working today, JoAnn Bortles offers step-by-step instructions for achieving that professional look at home. Her book provides detailed advice on every step from basecoating to artwork and airbrushing to clearcoating and troubleshooting, with special emphasis on designing and executing elaborate paint schemes such as flames, skulls, murals, and pin striping. Clearly written and amply illustrated, this is the ultimate how-to-custom-paint guide. Also contains an excellent chapter on realistic flames as featured on the book's cover. Pages:192

cód. MB-127   ...   R$ 131,00                   


MB-85 ...  R$ 202,00                         


"HOW  TO  BUILD  A  HOT  ROD" - Dennis Parks 

Este livro é projetado para qualquer um que sempre viu um hot rod e quis saber, "como eu construo um daqueles?" Se você é um recém-chegado ao passatempo ou um construtor experiente, as páginas deste livro abrangem cada aspecto de construir um hot rod do começo ao revestimento. O autor orienta o leitor a selecionar o veículo adequado, construir e o ajuda no processo de "fazer acontecer". Responde às perguntas básicas e clareia no processo inteiro de construir um hot rod com muitos conselhos para qualquer grau de construtor. Brochura. 160 pp.

MB-R-202     ...       R$ 102,00             




Author: Tim Phelps
Flame painting first lit up the hot rod world more than 50 years ago-and it's still burning strong. At the heart of the art are a handful of innovators who have pushed the tradition to ever-greater heights over the past half-century-and these are the artists profiled in this book. Up in Flames introduces readers to the flame painters who best represent the talent and inspiration that give this particular art form its power, and whose stories best illustrate the evolution of the flame job.

Each profile features full-color illustrations, many examples of an artist's range, and the painter's thoughts on style, career, and craft-all framed by an introduction that traces the flame job from its infancy to today's modern techniques and designs. Pages: 160 

cód. MB-133   ...   R$ 176,00                   


Um  guia  de  construção, pretende  dar-lhe  idéias  para  você que possui o
projeto básico do hot rod, incluindo algumas construções interessantes de
decoração. Contém fotografias que caracterizam os hot rods do evento
anual de Bonneville. 194 pages.

MB-R-200    ...      R$ 125,00                    


The ultimate in street rod chassis design know-how! Tim Remus offers up new tips and techniques for building your own chassis the right way. Do it yourself with a 50s flair while using the latest techniques to achieve 21st century performance. Remus shows you what goes on in a variety of chassis shops to offer a well-rounded look at your hot rods most important asset-the foundation. 160 pages, 300 will. 
MB - 213  ...  R$ 102,00                    



     How To Modify

    Volkswagen Beetle

How To Modify Volkswagen BeetleChassis,Suspension & Brakes (SpeedPro)     
Author: James Hale

Applies to ALL air-cooled-type Volkswagen Beetles, but does not cover MacPherson strut-type front suspension found on 1302 and 1303 models.
- The first reference book devoted solely to Beetle chassis, suspension and braking systems.
- Suitable for the home enthusiast as well as the more experienced mechanic.
- Based on the successful "How-To" technical features developed by the author for Volksworld magazine.
- Includes detailed coverage of the process for shortening the Beetle floorpan for kit-cars and dune buggies.
- All the information is based on practical experience of specialist VW mechanics. 128 pages 

cód. MB-198   ...   R$ 218,00

Peek inside this book.      Peek Instructions

Author: Brock Yates
In the late 1950s a slightly mad kart racer named Frank "Duff" Livingston had the nerve to enter the quintessential American vehicle-a hot rod-in a sports car race. Hot rods may have been successful in crude American-style drag races, but according to conventional wisdom, they had no place competing on a road course against European sports cars. But Duff and his Eliminator defied that wisdom and beat some of the finest sports cars in the world. The Eliminator soon went into retirement, but many people remembered its achievements. One of these people happened to be Brock Yates, who acquired the Eliminator in the 1990s. Yates campaigned the car in vintage sports car races, and soon the Eliminator was once again beating Ferraris and Porsches on U.S. road courses.

The car inspired Yates to build a modern interpretation of the concept, and he took one of the most potent engines available-a Viper V-10-and mounted it in a hot rod chassis with a road-racing-inspired suspension. His goal? To build the fastest, best-handling, and just plain coolest hot rod on the road. The resulting Eliminator Special proved a fitting tribute to the original Eliminator.
256 pages - 40 color

cód. MB-209   ...   R$126,00                     


How to Build the Ultimate American V-Twin Motorcycle: Build a Bike That Is Really Your Own    
Author: T REMUS Choose the best frame, engine and wheels for your ultimate motorcycle! Expert customizer Tim Remus provides professional advise to aid custom builders in finding and buying the best parts for building the motorcycle of their dreams. Directory lists featured parts and manufacturers.  144 pages.

cód. MB-124   ...   R$ 101,00 

Author: Tim Remus Scratch built motorcycles remain very popular. In order to simplify the process, many companies in the American V-twin aftermarket are selling kits. Three of these companies, Custom Chrome, Arlen Ness and Biker1s Choice, have excellent programs. All offer very complete kits that allow the builder to assemble a complete motorcycle without any additional purchases. All that1s missing is labor and paint.

The book will document, with detailed photos and copy, the assembly from beginning to end, of three motorcycles from the firms mentioned above. Because of the technical nature of this book, there will be more images and less copy than in other Wolfgang Publication books. Each sequence will be illustrated by at least 200 images. Approximately 60% of these images will be in color. This book will also contain side-bars on tools and basic assembly techniques, all designed to aid the first time builder. 144 pages 

cód. MB-123   ...   R$ 127,00 

Author: MARK ZIMMERMAN Organized by major sub-assemblies like engines, frames, suspension, wheels and tires, brakes, and bodywork, the text and photo sequences featured here outline repair fundamentals and parts sources, and advise owners when to repair and when to replace. Care is taken to offer advice applicable to U.S., British, German, Italian, and Japanese bikes (the latter of which have previously gone largely ignored) in all four-stroke and classic two-stroke configuirations. An appendix features a resource list and bibliography. Mark Zimmerman, the technical editor of Old Bike Journal, has also written for American Iron and Classic Bike. 256 pages.

cód. MB-125   ...   R$ 152,00